- Competence for Life -

Dr. Ute Mahr
Psychologist University - Germany
Senior Coach BDP - Supervisor BDP
relationship and sexual-teacher
Joga Instructor SKA/DYG

Rahm 29, 90489 Nuremberg/Germany
                     phone: 0049-(0)911-5818719    
e-mail:    m a h r - c o a c h i n g @ e m a i l . d e

After a multiyear work-experience as psychologist in psychiatry and managing the Center for Social Psychiatry in Kulmbach/Germany I opened my own office in Nuernberg in 1994. I am also working in the area of adult education with supervision, coaching and as supervising therapist for Gestalt psychotherapy. I was a lecturer at the Wöhrl Academy, a privately owned chain of clothing stores in Germany, in regard to „Being healthy and successful in your job“.

It was and it ist always my aim, to work on the wholeness of psyche, soul, mind and body. And I have the urge to optimize my doing and to seek new ways of healing and development of human potential.

Education with diplomas in dynamic psychotherapy, behavioural therapy, Gestalt psychotherapy and Gestalt instructional therapy, Joga therapy and a basic education in Focusing.

Continued education in systemic family therapy, mediation, integrative couple and sexual therapy, integrative psychotherapy of eating disorders, Applied Kinesiology and different body therapies (bioenergetics, Hakomi, Eutonie, Craniosacral-Therapy), breathing exercises and relaxations processes (f.e.relaxation through self-hypnosis, progressive muscle relaxation).

To complete my understandig of the human psyche, I also educated in transpersonal therapy, shamanic healing and the „archetype of the soul“-concept (Matrix) of Yarbro, Hasselmann and Schmolke.

Specializing in the psychological problems of highly gifted children, teens and adults.

Assistance offered:

  • JOB-Coaching
  • SPORTS-Coaching
  • PARENTS-Coaching
  • COUPLE-Coaching
  • SEX-Coaching
  • Mediation
  • Team-Development
  • Coaching for leadership

    telephone  and online coaching

for teens, adults and elderly persons

Responsible health authorities:      Gesundheitsamt der Stadt Nürnberg

Responsible authority:   Landeskammer der Psychologischen Psychotherapeuten, Bayern

Professional name by law:    Psychologische Psychotherapeutin, Germany

Guidelines of the profession:      Berufsordnung der Landeskammer für die Psychologischen PsychotherapeuthInnen
                                                   und Kinder- und Jugend-PsychotherapeutInnen

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